Monday, 31 January 2011

Any other party

It was a Saturday and we didnt have any plans besides a great summer weather in January. As we were doing groceries, we started talking about calling few of our friends-just 4/5- and grill something while we talk and drink.

Many more people than we expected showed up and it was a nice, funny and perfect night that fortunately didnt include cops- even though you could hear the guitars from across the street.

Good food/snacks, great people, live music and booze. What else can you ask for?

Have a food week!


Sunday, 16 January 2011

Casual Friday's look

As many other companies around the world, we also have casual Fridays(jeans but still dressy). After 4 days of the week trying to figure out what to wear that it also needs to be strictly business I decided that im gonna start being a casual friday's rebel......yes ill be wearing jeans but Im wearing sneakers too!!! and whatever i find in my closet.
I found this perfect and cute suede sneakers at UO and this will be my perfect companion for my rebellious days.
Have a good wknd!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New event, new dress

Hi there,
The other day I had an event-work related- at the Disney Hall in downtown. It was my first time inside the Hall and I really liked it; but I was so tired that I wasn't even in the mood to take pictures (meaning: fighting with the rest of photographers...there were like 50 + 10 camaras), so I decided to sit down between two camaras at the stage and just take pictures of my feet and
In other words: BORING! :P
 Luckily when I got back to the office a beautiful sunset at the ocean was waiting for me.....

This week is going too slow...... :(


Monday, 10 January 2011

Sunday Brunch and Vintage Flea Market

                        Old Vintage Pics for Sale....I though it was kinda creepy.....
  Really cool photography stuff.... didn't have time to get anything.
 Old toys were all around....this one  was my fav one!!!!!

 The biggest flatjacks ever!!!! I just ate one!!! lol....the rest tasted awesome this

 Trying to choose smth to compare the size of the pancake....didnt really work since his hand is

Yesterday, I really missed sharing my Sunday's plan with my dearly friend Barbara( sure she would have enjoyed the flea market...even more than me!!!
Have a great beginning of the week :(
-4 days for the long weekend.


Monday, 3 January 2011

Odissey in NYC (Photos Part 1)

- The biggest snow storm in 60 years.
I was meeting my family in NYC to celebrate Xmas. We never-in a million years- expected this was gonna happen. We were expecting a lil bit of snow.... but not that much!!!...

I have to say that NYC is not one of my favorite cities. Its too busy, stressful and too crowed, but this time the snow made it special. I felt like I were in Sweden or any other northern European country were they are used to jump and walk through 20" of snow on their way to work.It was a cool experience.
Anyway....theres nothing like the bEACh and the Sun!!!! lol

Happy New YEar 2011!!! and belated Merry Xmas!!!

Ps: Cant believe this is over and tomorrow I have to go to wok..... :(