Monday, 3 January 2011

Odissey in NYC (Photos Part 1)

- The biggest snow storm in 60 years.
I was meeting my family in NYC to celebrate Xmas. We never-in a million years- expected this was gonna happen. We were expecting a lil bit of snow.... but not that much!!!...

I have to say that NYC is not one of my favorite cities. Its too busy, stressful and too crowed, but this time the snow made it special. I felt like I were in Sweden or any other northern European country were they are used to jump and walk through 20" of snow on their way to work.It was a cool experience.
Anyway....theres nothing like the bEACh and the Sun!!!! lol

Happy New YEar 2011!!! and belated Merry Xmas!!!

Ps: Cant believe this is over and tomorrow I have to go to wok..... :(

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  1. great photos!!! really looking forward seeing more pics!