Friday, 28 October 2011

More loafers....more love!!!

I got this amazing loafers a few weeks ago nd im amazed with them. I love animal print but im kinda picky about it.....the leopard print cant be needs to have specific colors nd unique stains nd its hard for me to find smth I like. ( it happens with purses too picky). here are a few pics from this last week. I had to travel up north for this shooting with the media and I spent the night in this cool boutique hotel. I loved the front desk nd the rooms!!! Sooo rad!!i thought the cowgirl as the wallpaper in the front desk was fantastic!!!, I want it for my house!!!lol. the whole hotel had  western theme touches thing.

Cant wait for the weekend to begin!...i love Halloween!! nd cant wait to dress up nd go to a party with my friends!!!

Have a spoocky weekend!!!


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