Thursday, 21 October 2010


I've been weeks thinking over and over again about going shopping to get a new black nail polish because I run out of it few weeks ago. Hurray!! yesterday I went to get my fav black color and ended up getting two other new colors!!!! IM IN LOVE WITH THEM!!....especially the color called MOUSE (the one I have on in the pic).I love the color and I love the name for other reasons...
Im so not ready for tomorrow- Friday....Mr. President is coming to town ..again..and his presence totally blocks the whole city. Oh well..I guess It will be a perfect Friday night to stay home and watch a movie.
The week is almost over!!!

PS: today we felt an earthquake....

1 comment:

  1. Oh great! but i prefer the brown one, looks pretty nice!
    i am currently addicted to coral nail polish, maybe to barbie for your taste :P
    gosh the earthquake sounds scary.
    Also I love your new layout, so neat
    i miss ya!! going to bed so early is just depressing! hope we catch up this weekend!!! have a lovely friday sweetie!